Jessie J Sings in New York

17 01 2011

Jessie J gave a random performance of a song off her upcoming album, both labelled Who You Are. Watch the video as Jessie turns bystanders to spectators at her public show!

Jessie J talks to MistaJam

7 01 2011

Jessie J had a sit-down with BBC Radio 1’s MistaJam. When asked what the ‘J’ in her stage name stands for, Jessie laughed and responded with “Jetlag!”.

Jessie also performs ‘Big White Room’ on BBC Radio 1… Read on to watch … Read the rest of this entry »


7 10 2010

Gorillaz released a new song this week. The track is called “Doncamatic (Played Out)” and fans can check it out online now. Gorillaz are currently out on the road and play New York tomorrow night.