K Koke TV Episode 6

24 11 2011

Rita Ora Rocs it in the studio with Koke! A sneak peak to their debut collaboration too.

Squingy (USG) – The Dark Side

25 10 2011

“EXO” – LIVE! Show N Prove (Fever soundtrack)

11 09 2011

“EXO” performs the song SHOW N PROVE with funky musicians, the song features on the soundtrack of the new urban movie FEVER. Exo’s skills on the mic, energy, timing, charm and personality radiates as he entertains a live audience, who are entertained by EXO’S natural talent, as his label partners Squingy, Lefty, Don Jaga and Butch look on, EXO is at home and they all keep the U.S.G flag flying high. EXO’S new single “THROW UP A ” was recently featured on Westwood’s show on BBC 1xtra, with Charlie Sloth and DJ Semtex championing Exo, as the new star to watch out for in the UK music scene. The music video is directed by TOP DOG, who captures the electric atmosphere in the studio – “When Squingy asked me to direct the music video for Exo, I said I would do it, but as I normally shoot movies, I wanted to do something different from all the Grime and Rap videos you see on various YouTube channels. I like hood videos, but they all look the same. The thing with Exo, is that he is different and comfortable in front of the camera, and like all good performers the camera loves him. We went for a black and white look for the video because, it is a good song, it is soulful with that classic, timeless Motown feel and we got an oscar nominated film editor, to cut it. I just loved the way the late great Michael Jackson changed the music video genre, by getting film directors like John Landis and Martin Scorsese to direct his work, so I brought my film team to this music video, because EXO is all about bring your A game for his A team. ” – Top Dog.

Squingy Ft. Lefty – Shine

21 07 2011


10 06 2011

[Download The Mixtape – Exo – Power Of The Pound]

USG – Unfortunate Souls Grieve [Mixtape]

9 05 2011

[Click Here To Download]

U.S.G – Free Koke

20 04 2011