MTV x The Wrap Up x Thai Matic x Interview

19 01 2011

Words: Leanne Petersen

Leanne Petersen recently caught up with UK rapper, Thai Matic. Having met up at a well-known coffee brand chain in Soho, they got talking about everything from mixtapes and working with family, to being a supporting act for Jay Electronica and much, much more…

The Wrap Up: Since your first mixtape, ‘Girls And Things’, how do you think you have progressed as an artist?

Thai Matic: I’m more comfortable in my own skin. I’ve experimented a lot more from then. I know that was a bit more experimental as a mixtape, but I think now I’ve diversified different avenues of getting out what I’m trying to say, rather than just the basic lyricism. I’m trying my hand at different things and there’s going to be a lot more to come from me.

TWU: So is ‘Let Me Land’ going to be the last mixtape before the album?

Thai Matic: It was going to be the final mixtape before the album, but then people want me to do another mixtape, so maybe. Fans are what the make the music happen, so if that’s what they want, then I’ll give it to them.

TWU: Do you think this will hinder your progression as an artist?

Thai Matic: I’m always progressing. I mean, mixtape to album progression is all about my current mood. Even with this mixtape, it’s kind of like an album to be quite honest, so I’m only going to progress musically. If my heart wants to do an album, then I’ll do an album, if I want to do a mixtape, then I’ll do a mixtape.

TWU: Previously you were in a group called Kuz, so what was it that made you go your own separate way?

Thai Matic: Basically the reason why I broke up with Kuz was because I felt that I needed my own creative space and I feel that’s hard to get when you’re in a group with people and everyone in Kuz were family members. It’s hard when you’re in a situation where you’ve got two egos that keep clashing and I needed to express myself, so I just thought it was time that I went about it by myself. We still make a lot of music together and we’re still cool.

TWU: Tell us about Wolf Gang…

Thai Matic: Well, Wolf Gang is just an umbrella of artists really. There are a few things coming, but I can’t really go into it right now. I’m sorry for withholding information, I’m worse than a politician right now (laughs). We all want to get somewhere with our music or our talents and five, six, seven hands are better than one, so it’s the best way to go about things. Read the rest of this entry »

Biscuit Mondays :: Kay Young – Happy Holidays!

28 12 2010

[Click here to download]

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Wretch 32 x XXL MAG

3 12 2010

Wretch 32 is a lyricist from north London who has become one of the most sought-after MCs within the underground music scene here in the UK. His conscious lyrics, matched with a laid-back flow, has set this artist apart from the rest of the gun-clapping-drug-selling storytellers out there (which I’m not knocking, by the way) and this is something that has earned Wretch a different kind of respect, and like he explains: “I want to make the type of music that my grandmother could listen to without her falling out of the rocking chair.”

Having started out in 2005, Wretch used to attend pirate radio stations with friends who always used to encourage him to pick up the mic and spray (no JME); those same friends are some of the people he classes as inspirations today. “The people that I was around inspired me to get into music. But when it comes to life influences, I’d have to say a lot of reggae artists like Beenie Man, Bounty Killer, Dennis Brown etc., that’s what was being played in my house when I was growing up and that’s what really got me into music.”

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News :: DJ Ironik X Stabbed X Robbed

8 11 2010

Rapper and anti-knife campaigner DJ Ironik is recovering after being stabbed by attackers who robbed him of his jewellery.

The 22-year-old musician was attacked by two men in hooded tops in the early hours of Saturday morning in Highgate, north London.

Ironik received a knife wound to the buttock during the attack and was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment.

Recuperating, he thanked fans for their support via his Twitter feed, adding: “It could have been much worse.”

The rapper, real name James Charters, was returning from a gig in Essex at the time of the incident.

Arriving home at around 3.30am, he was approached by the pair, wearing dark clothes including hooded tops.

After stabbing Ironik, the assailants fled with jewellery belonging to the rapper. The personal items were later recovered by police. No arrests have been made in the case, a Scotland Yard spokesman said.

Best known for his No 3 hit Tiny Dancer featuring Sir Elton John, Ironik is a Prince’s Trust ambassador and a vocal anti-knife campaigner.

Following his treatment, he reassured fans in a series of tweets. He said: “It’s been a crazy last couple of days and this whole experience is quite surreal. But they say what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger.”

This was followed by the message: “I wanna thank each and every one of my friends, family and supportive fans that have showed me lots of much love. It could have been much worse so thank God it weren’t and I’m just resting and recovering.”