Amaru Don TV x Dot Rotten

4 12 2011

Dot Rotten explains the start to finish process on how he ended up signing his record deal, and what label presidents said to him during his meetings…

Kano – Girls Over Guns [MixTape]

1 12 2011


 {Download Here}

…Look out for “Jack Bauer 2.4” it’s gonna be a MUDNESS. Kano is getting busy, new album on the way?

Wizzy Wow feat. G FrSH & Calibar – Come Over

4 11 2011

Loyal-T – Over Here Freestyle

29 10 2011

Industry TakeOver – KANO [Acapella]

25 04 2011

Tinchy Stryder – Oh No (Prod. David Dawood) – 2011 Taster

14 04 2011


2 04 2011

Monster Man

Look Over Your Shoulder Ft. Example

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Dot Rotten – Its Over

31 03 2011

…Ft. Wiley’s Mother

:: Skepta x All Over The House x The Peoples Reaction

18 03 2011

When I first heard about this I was thinking, ‘No, he can’t be‘; though I could imagine him pulling off a stunt like this. I didn’t see or hear much talks about it so I waited for the vid to drop.

The video dropped now and I was like, ‘Damn. The dude went in‘. He smashed it, other than Snoop Dogg who do you know that goes in like that, especially from the UK. So… I Salute You Skep! I figured that this is a power move in his music career, this could make or break him. Or… He could be a CEO of a new venture, ‘Boy Better Know Adult Movie Production’ LOL.

Props to Skepa and Paris too [Paris Rocks, the female performer]

Of course there will be negatives about the video [HATERS CAN GO SUCK A DXXX lol] Here’s some clips found on YouTube on peoples responses to ‘All Over The House’

Remember To Practice Safe Sex

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:: Skepta Goes X Rated

18 03 2011

‘All Over The House’

The rumors are true… Skepta does do a Porno video…

Props to Paris Rocks