Tinie Tempah – Like It or Love It Ft. Wretch 32 & J Cole

24 11 2011

T when innn!!!

*UPDATED: Download here:-

Wiley – Boom Blast (Clip)

21 11 2011

Taken from the forthcoming album ‘Evolve Or Be Extinct’ – released January 19th, 2012 on Big Dada.

MK1 Feat. Lazee – Money or Luck

15 08 2011

Faith SFX – Man Or Machine [Review]

7 06 2011

Sorry about the late post I’ve been away, I was ‘on one‘.

Hmm.. I don’t really know what to say about this album. It’s a producers album well a Beat Boxers’ so its a compilation. So lets start on the features. Its a good collection of artists that have been put together; Scrufizzer, Skiberdee, Double S, Baby Blue, Ghetts, Stig Of The Dump, Random Impulse and more. One thing I did like about the album is that the tracks didn’t all sound the same so, having different artists was a great idea it give the album a different feel.

I don’t really know what to say to be honest Its an average album, I can be quite the critic I just cant put it words. I listen to Man Or Machine as a producer, I think It would been better if Faith SFX mixed his vocals with digital sound; we in the modern day. I do rate Faith as he has kept it true to Hip-Hop, but I can’t say he’s different or being original. I’d give this 3 stars out of  5.

Any floors? Not really, maybe some of the verses could of been stronger. I want to see visuals for ‘Another Level’ ‘Play Hard’ and ‘Get Away’

Overall I’d say its a descent album that you can listen through out.



Threefoldmedia X Footsie

13 01 2011

Footsie is interviewed by Kristian from Three Fold Media

I recently interviewed Newham Generals’ Footsie for a biography piece to be featured on his webpage. We ended up talking about his music career for 90 minutes, during the course of which he revealed tons of facts and little tit-bits of knowledge that I thought right to share. Footsie is a candid interviewee and once we discovered we had a mutual appreciation for Old Skool reggae outfit Black Uhuru, it was on! Big up Foots for dropping knowledge and taking the time to speak to us.

So let’s take it back to the beginning. You’ve said in various interviews that your Dad has been a big influence in your music, in what way?

From early my Dad had speakers – he was a big soundman and throughout childhood I could hear his stuff. Reggae music. He was part of a group called ‘King Original’, East London’s finest sound system and played with Saxon, Coxsone and King Tubby. My Dad was big! He used to take me to studio and I would just soak it all up; I met famous people and learnt about drums and vocals. My Dad was a world-class drummer, he did world tours and produced an album for [famous Reggae musician] Eek-a-mouse. So yeah, I’ve been around stuff.

That was my foundation, the music of my house. In fact ‘King Original’ is going to be the name of my solo album.

Ok so what music made you want to become a musician/producer/MC?

Jungle. As a kid I wrote my first bars to Reggae, Ragga and Bashment – whatever Dad was playing and he said that from that point he knew I was going to be a music man. My older cousins used to listen to Hardcore and Acid and whilst I thought it was interesting, it didn’t really click. But when I got my first radio it was the first time I could tune into what I wanted, and I chose Drum ‘n’ Bass and Jungle.

Take us back to that time when Grime was first emerging as a sub-genre of Garage. What were you doing back then?

I was making music bruv. I was making tunes and MC’ing in the Garage scene when Grime popped up. Grime wasn’t the first thing I’d MC’d on. Drum ‘n’ Bass came first and then Garage – I went from MC’ing at 90 miles per hour to MC’ing over the short breaks in vocal Garage tunes, which was hosting more than anything. Then, in Garage, beats and bass became more prevalent. It wasn’t named anything then as it was still considered Garage, but the Locked On label and people like El-B/Groove Chronicles came with this new industrial, harder sound.

I went studio, building tracks with an older guy called Dada and thought ‘I can do this!’ Dada was a computer wiz so I bought a load of bits and he built me a PC. We made tunes together but he was always trying to tidy up and polish my sound and I didn’t want that – I needed my own computer! From there I had to learn the ropes, making sh!t beats for a couple of years, but then I started making things that I wanted to MC on – completely different to the vocal stuff that was popular at the time. Read the rest of this entry »

Benny Banks – Ride Or Die

26 12 2010

We have a lot to look forward too for next year… It’s gonna be crazy…

Sincere X GrimeDaily

9 12 2010

Talks on mixtape, top 3 Mc’s, crep check and more… Album title revealed ‘Now Or Never

Download ‘Written In The Stars Vol.2‘ [Click Here]