Pak-Man – “Ahead Of My Time”

2 12 2011



{Download Here}

Pak don’t disappoint and what a way to start a tape too… DOWNLOAD THIS NOW!!!

Pak-Man Ft. Hipman Junky – Rainy Days

1 12 2011

Track taken from ‘Ahead Of My Time’ produced by Yellow Man…

SB.TV – Pak-Man – F64 [S3.EP16]

21 11 2011

SB.TV x Rizzle Kicks x Interview

13 11 2011

Pak-Man – Tupac Back

22 08 2011

WGI x Pak-Man x Interview

17 08 2011

Faith SFX – Man Or Machine [Review]

7 06 2011

Sorry about the late post I’ve been away, I was ‘on one‘.

Hmm.. I don’t really know what to say about this album. It’s a producers album well a Beat Boxers’ so its a compilation. So lets start on the features. Its a good collection of artists that have been put together; Scrufizzer, Skiberdee, Double S, Baby Blue, Ghetts, Stig Of The Dump, Random Impulse and more. One thing I did like about the album is that the tracks didn’t all sound the same so, having different artists was a great idea it give the album a different feel.

I don’t really know what to say to be honest Its an average album, I can be quite the critic I just cant put it words. I listen to Man Or Machine as a producer, I think It would been better if Faith SFX mixed his vocals with digital sound; we in the modern day. I do rate Faith as he has kept it true to Hip-Hop, but I can’t say he’s different or being original. I’d give this 3 stars out of  5.

Any floors? Not really, maybe some of the verses could of been stronger. I want to see visuals for ‘Another Level’ ‘Play Hard’ and ‘Get Away’

Overall I’d say its a descent album that you can listen through out.