11 01 2011

I see this on BluesandSoul.com

“I loved the tempo of the nineties because everything just had a bit more of a groove a bit more of a mood and a vibe. I would give anything to go back to that time the age I am now.”

Imagine you were given a lemon and bit into it to only to get the taste of orange instead of the bitter and sharp experience you expected. You knew you were going to get something citrus but the sweet taste of citrus orange, that would be refreshing and surprising all in one: ergo Yasmin. It has taken Yasmin a little over a year to go from unknown songstress to one of the freshest talents in the UK who will be definitely one to watch for 2011.

Her two collaborations with the equally talented UK acts of Labrinth who produced the crazy track ‘Finish Line’ and her feature on Devlin’s anthemic single ‘Runaway’ where Yasmin sings a powerful and emotive hook has set the foundations for her emergence. With that initial and phenomenal success she strikes out alone with her excellent first single ‘On My Own’ to be taken from her debut album.

It is an absolutely brilliant single which immediately had me reminiscing with its telling old skool beat produced by the urban producer who seems able to put his hand to any genre, Shy Fx. He goes in hard with this rolling old skool beat superbly blessed by Yasmin’s soft but telling vocals backed up by some great song writing. It is indeed the type of single that every artist would want: different and catchy like the current bout of flu. Read the rest of this entry »