:: SB.TV x F64 [S3.EP19/20]

27 11 2011



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SB.TV – Fem Fel – F64 [S3.EP14]

13 11 2011

SB.TV x Cashtastic x F64 [S3.EP6]

19 10 2011

Debut appearance on SB.TV from Cashtastic on the F64 series.

“A Lil Bit Of Cash” out soon!

SB.TV – Wretch 32 – F64 [S3.EP1]

15 08 2011

Wretch 32 x XXL MAG

3 12 2010

Wretch 32 is a lyricist from north London who has become one of the most sought-after MCs within the underground music scene here in the UK. His conscious lyrics, matched with a laid-back flow, has set this artist apart from the rest of the gun-clapping-drug-selling storytellers out there (which I’m not knocking, by the way) and this is something that has earned Wretch a different kind of respect, and like he explains: “I want to make the type of music that my grandmother could listen to without her falling out of the rocking chair.”

Having started out in 2005, Wretch used to attend pirate radio stations with friends who always used to encourage him to pick up the mic and spray (no JME); those same friends are some of the people he classes as inspirations today. “The people that I was around inspired me to get into music. But when it comes to life influences, I’d have to say a lot of reggae artists like Beenie Man, Bounty Killer, Dennis Brown etc., that’s what was being played in my house when I was growing up and that’s what really got me into music.”

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