Lowkey ft Mai Khalil – Dreamers

11 11 2011

Second episode for LBC Jam Sessions on SB.TV where we get Lonsdale Boys Club (LBC) to jam with your favourite artists, in this episode we see Lowkey and Mai Khalil join the boys to do ‘Dreamers’.

Kay 2 – Dreamers

16 10 2011

Kay 2 are back with the release of a brand new viral video in the lead up to their forthcoming debut mixtape ‘The Strangest Day’. Having grown up on a small council estate in Chelsea / Fulham with a Moroccan and Irish heritage, music played a monumental part in the upbringing of Kay 2, something which has transcended into the music they make today.  Kay – 2 peaked at Number 2 on the Myspace UK Unsigned Music Charts and are a group to look out for in the years ahead.

Props to 730