The Stow – Give A Damn

7 06 2011

After a successful E.P launch party the Stow are set to release ‘Give a Damn’ as their first single from the record.

With their first offering from The Covers EP, London’s most contemporary new band The Stow, have managed to do something very clever – give a song it’s own personality. Each syllable punctuated by the beat, you can’t help but be amused, impressed and intrigued all at the same time.

The unrelenting first line bluntly launches the listener into a song that’s empowering without being preachy;

Fuck what the others say, ‘cos we don’t really give a damn!

With UK pop music crying out for the return of 90’s Britpop and the scene dominated by urban pop, enter stage left, The Stow – the best of both worlds.

Shi’s smooth vocals and Haydn’s witty bars make this a song that’s smart and infectious. ‘Give A Damn’ is radio friendly with a message rather than a gimmick.

With unapologetically British adages throughout, (When was the last time you heard anybody else use the phrase We don’t give a monkeys’ in a pop song?) it’s hard not to like a track that can reference Tourette’s syndrome, a building society and Jay-Z all in the same verse!