From Above – Not The Same Girl

2 12 2011

From Above are the hot new girl-group from the UK, brought to you by US music industry mogul Mathew Knowles – a man who knows a thing or two about turning girl groups into gold. The exciting new five-member group’s debut album, Breaking From Above, will be made available via iTunes on 12thDecember 2011, prior to the release of their debut single, “Not The Same Girl”, on 22nd January 2012. Their hard work in and out of the studio on the exhilarating journey into the world of the pop charts is the subject of a new TV series, Breaking From Above, currently airing on MTV channels across Europe, Latin America and Asia.

The debut album features the girls collaborating with A-list producers, each lending their talents to help From Above shape the assured sound that permeates Breaking From Above. Assisting them in launching their assault on the world of pop are “H-Money” of Black Out Entertainment (Chris Brown,Maroon 5ChipmunkNe-YoEstelleTrey Songz and Kelly Rowland) and Germany’s Fuego (Jason DeruloN-DubzIyaz), among others. With tracks handpicked by Mathew Knowles from over sixty songs recorded by From Above over the last eighteen months, Breaking From Above is packed full of sure-fire hits set to establish the group the world over.

Breaking From Above has a great range of styles, and the girls refined talents are showcased on this album throughout. The up-tempo numbers “Gotta Play It Fair” and “No Sitting Allowed” are infectious pieces of pop perfection, with each of the girls’ distinct vocals shining amid the edgy-pop production. In addition to showing themselves to be doyens of the “get on the dance floor” sound, the ladies of From Above show their authority on the stripped-back ballad, “Run With It,” a measure that separates the competent from the truly great in the girl-band rulebook. Where the group pay their ace is on “Pink Stilettos”, a girl-power anthem up there with the best – conjuring up images of arenas lit by a sea of lighters swaying in the air. Elsewhere on this formidable debut, the girls show a fun and sexy side, with the carnival infused “Live Your Life” and the delicious slice of dirty-pop, “Work” – a track that is set to be as popular on radio airwaves as it is in the clubs world-wide.

From Above members are Monique RobertAshley ShawDaisy EvansChelsey Reynolds and Seyi Joshua, all of whom are in their early twenties and have had various roles in the entertainment business, ranging from a featured dancer on the Kanye West tour and lead vocalist in a British girl band, to a singer/songwriter and a dancer on a UK dance reality show. From Above were discovered by Mathew Knowles at a London showcase in 2008. The group is signed to Knowles’ hugely successful label Music World Music.

In the words of the star-maker himself, “From Above has all the ingredients: great singers, great looks, great personalities—and they’re all friends.  When I first met them in 2008, they reminded me of Destiny’s Child. Right now, there are very few girl groups out there, so there is a big opportunity for From Above. Of course, it all starts and ends with the music and with great songs, but From Above has it all—voices, image, personalities, teamwork.”

Track listing

1. Live Your Life feat. Fuego

2. Not The Same Girl

3. Funny

4. Love Hurricane

5. No Sitting Allowed

6. Gotta Play It Fair

7. Hallucinating

8. Pink Stilettos

9. Rockstar

10. Run With It

11. Successful

12. Work



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