DVS – One In A Billion [Mixtape]

12 11 2011

[Click Here To Download]

01. DVS – Charlie Sloth Intro
02. DVS – Life Of A Real G (Prod. By Pinero)
03. DVS – Crazy World (Feat. Jaja Soze & Naja Soze) (Prod. By Militious)
04. DVS – Back Like We Never Left (Feat. Ty Nizz, Q.B, Jaja Soze, Naja Soze & Inch) (Prod. By Figurez)
05. DVS – A Mans Life (Feat. GigiDaai) (Prod. By Rashad)
06. DVS – Go From Here (Feat. T. Labelle) (Prod. By MdotE)
07. DVS – In & Out (Feat. Shystie & English Frank) (Prod. By Kimbo Hareez)
08. DVS – Butters (Feat. Youngs Teflon) (Prod. By Loco)
09. DVS – Bumbles Interlude
10. DVS – Light The Flame (Feat. Political Peak, Ard Adz, Kerz, Serious Sykes, Looch Gwalla, Troopz, & Jaja Soze) (Prod. By Chris FMB)
11. DVS – Hometown (Prod. By Pinero Beats)
12. DVS – Bout It (Feat. Young Spray) (Prod. By Pinero Beats)
13. DVS – Born As A Boss (Feat. Krept & Konan) (Prod. By Pinero Beats)
14. DVS – Dion (Feat. GigiDaai) (Prod. By Rashad)
15. DVS – Fast Change (Feat. Joe Black & Squeeks) (Prod. By Figurez)
16. DVS – Fly Straight (Feat. Ghetts) (Prod. By Sunny Productions)
17. DVS – Goodbye (Feat. Muslim Bilal & Mucky) (Prod. By Rashad)
18. DVS – Celebration (Feat. Benny Scars) (Prod. By Benny Scars)
19. DVS – Maybe (Feat. Exo) (Prod. By Rashad)

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12 11 2011
UK Mixtape Madness

How does One in a Billion compare to One in a Million by DVS LISTEN ONLINE NOW… http://t.co/fCfgpbS5

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