DaddysGirls – My Kinda Guy

25 10 2011

About DaddysGirls

Girl Power is back with an urban twist, thanks to new and unique hip-hop duo DaddysGirls. Made up of North-London-born twins Missi and Melo, DaddysGirls are a refreshing new act to hit the UK.

The girls first caused a stir after releasing their first recorded track, ‘Friday Night’ in 2010. Together with former member and close friend, Mimi Storm, they went on to release their debut mixtape, ‘Life Begins With Lyrics’, later that year.

Often compared to the likes of TLC, Floetry and Foxy Brown, DaddysGirls are a fabulous fusion of naughty and nice. With an organic sound Influenced by nineties hip hop, soul, jungle and drum and base, they stand proud in a league of their own.

As the duo get set to release their second mixtape, Chapter2 they carry one warning ‘expect the unexpected!‘.



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