Ghetts x Klashnekoff x MTV Top Ten Mc List UK

22 02 2011

Its true how can Ghetts not be in the list… BUT!!! This is a good thing I think… Lets see where this goes…

[Previously | Ghetts diss track?]

Read on to view the list and MTV’s reasons for their results… 

The List:

1. Tinie Tempah

2. Dizzee Rascal

3. Skepta

4. Pro Green

5. Wiley

6. Giggs

7. Devlin

8. P Money

9. D Double E

10. Chipmunk & Lowkey

The Best Of The Best: UK MCs 2010 was a list designed to shed light on the achievements of 10 MCs from last year, and last year only. The list was compiled as follows; each panel member, and additional music industry professionals who weren’t available for filming, submitted a list of 10 nominations for whom they felt were the best MCs of 2010, based on the following criteria:
· Buzz – Which MCs created the most attention online, on radio, on TV and in the streets?
· Impact – Who were the most successful? Which MCs influenced the scene commercially and on the underground?
· MCing ability – Whose lyrics, flow, delivery and content were the best?
· Acclaim – Which MCs got the most ratings from DJs, journalists, critics and the fans?
· Swagger – Which MCs set trends, introduced new styles and sounds, as well as elevating themselves to new levels?
Once all the lists were compiled, all the names were averaged and scored. MCs got points from 1-10 for their positioning on each of the panels lists and bonus points for how many times they appeared on a single list.
The 10 MCs with the most points were then ranked in order highest to lowest.
Due to the fact that the panel nominations were being submitted daily, the list changed a number of times – right up to the day before filming. It was revised a number of times, whenever additional nominations were scored, hence the original list which has been posted online via a number of blogs, which is actually just one of many revised lists.
A lot of other MCs were discussed and mentioned besides the ones featured on the final Top 10, such as Wretch 32SwayMaxstaK Koke and JME, to name but a few. But they didn’t score enough points to make the final list, but did get an honourable mention within the show.
On the day of filming, the panel had the right to change the order and make additions to the list, but only if a strong enough argument was made and a majority vote reached, hence the inclusion of Lowkey.
The discussion took over 3 hours to film and had to be condensed in to a 44-minute show, so a lot had to be cut out. An online version will be available soon, which will be longer, uncut, and will display a better insight to the discussion and how it went down. It will also have the panel talking about who they feel will have a big 2011 in exclusive one to watch interviews.

MTVYusuff Sitta



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