:: Tinie update!

1 01 2011

Tinie Tempah x Wonderman game plus a message from T and Pharrell (N.E.R.D)

[Example image from the game]

“Exciting news – we’re building a game inspired by “Disc-Overy”. It’ll be available to play online for free in a few short weeks but before then we want your input on which awesome powers the game might bestow upon the man himself.

In the game you’ll take control of Tinie in his Wonderman persona: he’s a non-stop running machine blazing a trail across a slick and shiny urban landscape. Your job is to keep him on the move as he is faced with giant chasms and increasingly fiendish obstacles. As long as your timing is on track a tap of the JUMP key will see him over most of these blocks and barriers, but sometimes Tinie’s going to need an upgrade from the POWER key…

This is where you come in – to get past these obstacles we’ll be putting in power-ups that give Tinie special abilities. For example, Tinie could grab the “Breath of Fire” power-up as he runs along meaning that when he’s faced by a wall of ice a simple tap of the POWER key will unleash a huge blast of flame that reduces the wall to ice-cubes. Of course, being a super hero isn’t always straightforward and different obstacles will need different powers to defeat them. Faced by a huge pit of spikes? Well that’ll need the “Wings of Flight” to clear that particular death trap. No death for the Invincible man – instead he could Pass Out – Maybe a tea with milk and 2 sugars could bring him round? We know you’ll squeeze in risking it for a chocolate biscuit somewhere.

So get your thinking caps on and let us know what you think should be in there – we’re after Evil Genius obstacles to thwart Tinie and cool, larger-than-life power-ups to make him a real Wonderman. Loads of your suggestions will be used in the game – better still, Tinie’s favourite will win a signed lanyard version of the album and all successful suggestions will be included in the game credits. To have your ideas considered just comment on this note and Tinie will pick his favourites!”

I see this in Tinie’s FaceBook

Tinie Tempah & Pharrell: Happy New Year 2011!

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